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Our Culture

Patton's Corp

Our Mission Statement: We Provide
Solutions To The Needs Of Our Customers

At Patton’s, we promote a collaborative workspace & culture to ensure continuous improvement and growth for our company. We have committed ourselves to maintaining integrity and honesty in all aspects of what we do. To that end, we ensure that our employees and staff all possess a similar work ethic and a shared belief in our company values. Whether our team members have been with us for decades or are just starting with us, they are all an integral part of our company’s history and a proud part of our family’s legacy.

Our company values guide us in holding ourselves accountable, so we can best provide solutions to the needs of our customers. We think strategically, as a whole, to better understand our customers' challenges and opportunities. The Patton’s team is always moving forward, always improving, and committing ourselves to quality, price competitiveness, reliability, and service.

Those defining values are:

  • Customer Service
  • Honesty & Integrity
  • Teamwork
  • Commitment & Accountability
  • Passion for Achievement
  • Solution-Oriented
  • Growth Oriented
  • Respect & Dignity
  • Open Communication
  • Profitability